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Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

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UEN static site
Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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- Am I User or Dealer?

User: In our terminology, a "user" is someone who makes use of the types of equipment shown on our web site as part of his regular business. Examples might be a manufacturer who uses a lathe to make a part or a medical professional who uses imaging equipment as part of his diagnostic procedure. A "user" on UEN will be using the system either to buy a piece of equipment he needs for his business or to sell equipment that has become surplus and is no longer needed.

Use of the UEN system is completely free to users. As a UEN user, you may enter for-sale and wanted listings, and browse the listings in the database with no cost or obligation. Log on to the site is not required unless you wish to enter a listing; in that case, of course, we need to be able to provide contact information along with the listing. We will not release your contact information unless you enter a listing, in which case we will provide it whenever we display or otherwise reproduce the listing.

At the time you log on, you may elect to receive the monthly issue of the UED-ed (email delivery of the UED magazine). This once per month email is the only time we will send you an email unless you request other information from us.

Dealer: In our terminology, a "dealer" is someone who is primarily in the business of buying used equipment for resale to others as opposed to using it directly in his own business. A dealer will typically stock equipment and may recondition it prior to resale. Some dealers will offer a form of warranty or return privilege on some sales.

Dealer use of the site is restricted to those to whom we have provided a dealer number and password. The exact qualifications necessary to be assigned a working dealer number depend on several factors, including the types of equipment normally handled. If you are a professional used equipment dealer and would like to be assigned a dealer number, contact our support staff as shown at the bottom left of this screen. Please be sure to provide complete contact information as well as a brief description of the type(s) of equipment you handle.

Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
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Used Equipment
Used Equipment