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  (NEW) 1/8"x20",KALAMAZOO,V2012F,Bl. length 159"-162",50-5200fpm,3Hp,trav.13",other sizes avail.) [410009]
  (NEW) 1/8" x 130",DAKE -JOHNSON,F-16, Bl up to 5/8",60-550Fpm,1.5Hp,16"Th,Tbl 23.5x23.5" [420014]
  (NEW) 1/4" x 120", DAKE, SXC, Bl trav.9",Cap.9"x14"x12",1Hp,Wk ht.66",(other models avail.) [420013]
  (NEW) 1/4" x 120", JET, VSF-14-1, Max Cap. ht. 14.5",1HP,Self Feeding,Th 8.5",(other Jet avail) [480002]
  (NEW) 1/4"x150",DAKE TRADEMASTER,1/4-1",50-500fpm,Wk trav.dis.11",2,1.5Hp,(other models avail) [420012]
  (NEW) 1/4" x 168", BAILEIGH, BSV-24, Th. 22-7/8",Tbl sz 24.4x22.80",2Hp118-977rpm [470013]
  (NEW) 5/16" x 183", DAKE, VH-24, Bl width up to 1",Welder Cap. 5/16-1",2.2Hp,Th 23",(oth mod avail) [420031]
  (NEW) 5/16" x 183",Dake, V-24,Bl width up to 1",Th 23",Tilt 10°/30°,2.2Hp,(oth. mod. avail) [420030]
  (NEW) 5/16" x 188", DAKE, V-40, Bl width up to 3/4",welder cap 5/15-3/4",Th 41",2.2Hp,(oth mod avail [420032]
  (NEW) 5/16" x 188", DAKE, VH-40, Bl width up to 3/4",Welder cap 5/16-3/4",Th 41",2.2Hp [420033]
  (NEW) 7" x 12" Knuth VB300,780-3510"/min,20"X16"Tbl,.5HP,35"Tbl Hght,99.21"Blade lngth,"NEW" [560005]
  (NEW) 120"x1/4",Dake,14-10,14" Th,Tb Ht 42-1/2",ht 76",1Hp,(Other sizes avail) [420003]
  (NEW) 195 1/4", JET, VBS-3612, 3Hp 230/460V,3Ph,Welder,Grinder,Chip blower,2 Sp Transmission [480006]

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