No. CM-01, CUTTERMASTER, BRAND NEW,Air brg strk 10.5",Whl 5" cup,(other models avail)   Our stock number: 510001

No. CM-01, CUTTERMASTER, BRAND NEW,Air brg strk 10.5 ,Whl 5 cup,(other models avail)


·Grinds O.D.s and ends of standard end mills in one setup within
just a few minutes.
·Extremely versatile and is used for much more than just end mills.
With the z-axis you get 8 different axes to work with for unlimited versatility.
·1 Machine grinds it all end mill, drills, roughing endmill, taps,
countersinks, carbide tools, radius end mills, lathe tool bits,
various forms tools, reamers, performs gashing and much more.
·The pneumatic finger instantly and automatically sets primary and
secondary clearance angles with the flip of switch.
·Dials zero out.
·Air bearing has a 360° swivel base for taper grinding.
·The Jet-Stream air bearing fixture is precision honed and capable
of grinding to close tolerances.
·The spindle sleeve is made from stainless steel and the spindle
itself is hard chromed steel.
·Takes standard 5C collets, with end mill holders available that
can hold shank sizes up to 2".
·Tables are cast 2" iron and precision ground.
·Motor/spindle assembly tilts to positive and negative angles,
cutting tool clearance angles can be adjusted as needed.
·Grinding chart provides clearance angles for all end
mills from 3/16"-3".

·Air bearing stroke - 10.5"
·Air bearing swing over table - 9.8".
·Cutting tool capacity - 2" shank, 9.8" O.D., 10.5" flute length
·T-Slot dimension - .800 x .500 x .670
·Table feed graduations - .001 or .02mm
·X-Axis table travel - 6"
·Y-Axis table travel - 3", plus motor sildes back & forth 6"
·X-Axis table working space - 16.5" x 5.5"
·Y-Axis travel working space - 13" x 5.5"
·Wheel - 5" cup (or 6" dish with Z-axis), 1-1/4" arbor Motor tilt
- 35/-8°
·Motor - 1/3 hp, 3450 rpm, 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
·Net weight - 180 pounds 82 kilos,br> Gross weight - 232 pounds
. Machine dimensions, not including handles - 21" x 20" x 21"
·Shipping dimensions - 30" x 28" x 29"


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