40.1"X,55"Y,23.6"Z,ACER VMC 2240 XL,43.3" X 22"Tbl,2200 tbl Load,8K RPM,12K RPM Option(NEW)   Our stock number: 430006

40.1 X,55 Y,23.6 Z,ACER VMC 2240 XL,43.3 X 22 Tbl,2200 tbl Load,8K RPM,12K RPM Option(NEW)



Table size: 43.3” x 22”
T-slots (No. X width, x dis): 3.93” x .07” X 0.2”
Table load: 2,200 lbs
X Travel:40.16”
Y Travel:55”
Z Travel:23.62”
Spindle nose to table:6”~29.6”
Spindle center to column: 24.5”
Spindle taper: CAT #40 or BT #40
Spindle speed: 8,000rpm (STD) / 12,000 (opt)
Feedrates: Rapid on (X, Y, Z) 950/950/787 ipm
1417/1417/950 ipm (opt.)
Cutting federate: 400ipm
Positioning: ± 0.0002”
Repeatability: ± 0.00012”
Tool capacity: Arm type 24T (2.1 sec)
Max tool diameter: 4.75”
Max tool weight (ea):13.2 lbs.
Spindle motor (AC digital): 10hp (15hp 30 min peak)
Drive Motor X, Y, Z (AC digital): 2HP x 2HP x 2.5HP
Coolant motor: 1 HP
Power required (approx.): 100A
Air Required: 96 psi
Floor space: 150” x 111” x 102”
Min. operation space:119” x 89” x 102”
New weight (approx.): 13,860 lbs
Gross weight (approx.): 14,740 lbs

•Fanuc OiMC 3/4 Axis Control with state-of-the-art features & Programmable Spindle Speed.
•8.3” Color LCD Screen.
•Gear Type ATC with proximity sensors.
•Extra wide, two linear guide ways.
•24 station side mount arm type ATC.
•Tool holder is made from nylon and fiberglass.
•Full enclosure splashguard.
•Tool to tool change time is at 2.1 seconds.
•Standard transformer for machine power.
•Side door for tool cutting view.
•Servo motor is directly coupled through a (German made) nylon coupling to the ball screw.
•Removable chip tank.
•Removable coolant tank for easy cleaning.
•C3 Ball Screws and Double-end Thrust Bearing Set (X/Y/Z).
•Torque for 10 HP spindle motor continuous.
•15 HP 30 min peak.
•Floating tool change device will reduce wear and pressure on the spindle.
•Easy layout and CE standard electric cabinet.
•Two-stage warning light.
•90° swivel control panel.
•Extra wide linear guide ways.
•Easy layout on the control panel.
•Standard halogen light.
•Tool clamp/unclamp button.
•CAT/BT #40 spindle with 5 bearings for heavy cutting.
•Laser Check & Ball Bar Calibration.
•Coolant nozzles and air blast are standard.
•Two axes linear guide ways by THK, NSK or equivalent.
•The machine is weighed at 13,860 lbs.
•Coolant level indicator.

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