34"x120" cc,KINGSTON,HP3000,Socs 25",30hp,ASA A2-15,S.h.7.09",Eng/Met,Other sizes avail)   Our stock number: 450001

34 x120 cc,KINGSTON,HP3000,Socs 25 ,30hp,ASA A2-15,S.h.7.09 ,Eng/Met,Other sizes avail)

Model: HP-3000
Swing over bed:34"
Swing over cross slide: 25-1/8" or 31"
Height from floor to work center: 48"
Distance between spindle flange and tailstock center: 120"
Hole through spindle: 7.09"
Spindle nose: ASA A2-15
Number of speed changesL: 16
Range of spindle speeds: 8-700 rpm
Number of feed changes: 40
Range of feeds per revolution longitudinal: 0.0024"-0.0337"
Cross: 1/2 against longitudinal feed
Leadscrew diameter and threads per/in: 1-7/8", 2 TPI
Threading range: 1 to 28 TPI 50 kinds
Metric:1 to 28mm pitch 50 kinds
Module:0.5 to 7M 50 kinds
D.P.: 4 to 56 D.P 50 kinds
Compound rest top slide travel:9-7/8"
Cross slide travel: 21-1/4"
Spindle Diameter: 5-1/8"
Spindle travel: 11-13/16"
Center:MT No. 6
Width of bed: 22"
Main drive motor: 30 HP (15kw) 6P
Floor space required Length x Width: 198" x 87"
Net weight (approx.): 15,418 lbs
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