14" x 40" cc, BIRMINGHAM, Socs 8",Sob 14",Sog 7.8",2Hp,Bore 1.5",(other models avail)   Our stock number: 460004

14 x 40 cc, BIRMINGHAM, Socs 8 ,Sob 14 ,Sog 7.8 ,2Hp,Bore 1.5 ,(other models avail)

Specifications: CT-1440G
Swing over bed: 14"
Swing over cross slide: 8"
Swing over gap: 20.8"
Length of gap; 7.8"
Center distance; 40"
Width of bed; 7.2"
Spindle hole; 1-1/2"
Spindle nosel; Camlock D1-4
Spindle RPM: 70-1350
No. of spindle speeds: 12
Cross slide travel: 6.8"
Compound rest travel: 3.7"
Tailstock taper: Morse MT 3
INCH threads: 4-112 TPI x 50
METRIC threads: 0.25-11 mm x 28
Main motor: AC 2 HP, 220VM, 1 ph.
Approx. dimensions - 74L x 30W x 30"H
Approx. net weight - 800 lbs.
Lathe bed made of high tensile strength cast iron
Bed ways hardened and ground
Main spindle supported in two precision taper roller bearings
Spindle speed is changed by a lever
All gears in headstock are immersed in oil
Standard Accessories:
3 jaw universal chuck 6" dia., with backplate
4 jaw independent chuck 8" dia., with backplate
Headstock and tailstock dead center
Transpose gears for threading
Steady rest
Follow rest
Full length rear splash guard
Heavy duty floor stand
Operation-service manual
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