14" x 40" cc,Birmingham,Socs 8-5/8",3Hp,Bore 1.5",Spnd 45-1,800rpm,D1-4,other models avail   Our stock number: 460005

14 x 40 cc,Birmingham,Socs 8-5/8 ,3Hp,Bore 1.5 ,Spnd 45-1,800rpm,D1-4,other models avail

3HP, 220V, 3 phase, 2-speed motor
Max. swing over bed 14"
Distance between centers: 40"
Max. swing over cross slide: 8-5/8"
Max. swing in gap: 20"
Effective length in gap: 6-1/4"
Width of bed: 8-1/8"
Spindle nose(spindle mouunt) D1-4
Diameter of spindle thru bore: 1-1/2"
Spindle taper (with sleeve): M.T.#5 (M.T.#3)
Spindle speeds: 45-1,800 RPM
Longitudinal feeds: 0.0012" - 0.0294"/REV. (40 kinds)
Cross feeds: 0.0003" - 0.01"/REV (40 kinds)
Inch threads: 4 - 112 TPl (40 kinds)
Metric threads: 0.45mm - 7.5mm (22 kinds)
Diameter of long. leadscrew: 7/8"
Pitch threads of long. leadscrew: 8 TPl
Max. travel fo cross slide: 7"
Max. travel of compound slide: 4"
Max. tool size: 5/8" x 5/8"
Diameter of tailstock quill: 2-3/4"
Taper of tailstock quill center: M.T. #3
Max. travel of tailstock quill: 4-3/4"
Power of main motor: 3HP, 220V, 3 phase, 2-speed
Power of coolant pump: 1/8HP, 200V, 3 phase
Overall dimensions: 72"L x 31"W x 49"H.
Net weight: Approx. 2000 lbs

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