17" x 40" cc, Acer,Dynamic 1740G, SOCS 9 5/8",2 1/4Hole,#4MT,7.5HP,12speeds 50- 1800RPM,36 Inch Threads, 22 Feeds,(brand New)also 60" or 80" Centers   Our stock number: 430007

17 x 40 cc, Acer,Dynamic 1740G, SOCS 9 5/8 ,2 1/4Hole,#4MT,7.5HP,12speeds 50- 1800RPM,36 Inch Threads, 22 Feeds,(brand New)also 60 or 80 Centers

Brand New Acer Lathe Dynamic 1740G


Swing over bed 17"
Swing over cross slide 9-5/8"
Swing in gap 26"
Distance between centers 40", 60" or 80"
Spindle hole 2-1/4"
Spindle nose D1-6 camlock
Spindle speeds--number 12
--range 50 to 1800 rpm
Inch threads--number 36
--range 4 to 56 tpi
Metric threads--number 22
--range 0.5 to 7 mm
Feeds--number 22
--range (longitudinal) .002" to .028"
--range (cross) .001" to .014"
Bed width 12"
Tailstock taper #4 MT
Spindle travel 6"
Spindle diameter 2-1/4"
Main motor power 7.5 HP
Weight (approx.) 3500, 3950 or 4400 lbs.
Floor dimensions 88", 107" or 131" x 41"

•Headstock's rigidity and durability are derived from high tensile cast iron (FC25).
•A uniquely designed gear box offers a comprehensive range of inch and metric threads without c
anging gears.
•Simple laid-out electric cabinet is easy to maintain and easy to fix.
•Saddle is coated with Turcite-B to provide wear resistance.
•Three point support on the spindle is the key to heavy cutting.
•Triangular ribbed bed with annealing process on the casting allows no deformation to occur on
he slideways.
•A 2-1/4" diametered quill, graduated in inch and metric scales, is made from low carbon steel
SCM4), and it is hardened and ground to its accuracy.
•Electro-trochoid pump forces lubrication oil to all running parts inside the headstock.
•Oil bathed cross lead screw (optional).
•Oil flood indicator.
•Hand chip guard.
•Output shaft of the gear box is designed with a safety pin to protect from damage.
•Power disconnecting limit switch.
•Drip-proof 7.5 HP spindle motor.
•Mechanical drum type brake is easy to adjust and maintain.
•Hardened & ground bedways at Rockwell C 55°.
•Hardened & ground cross slideways.
•Saddle lock device for heavy cutting.
•Triangular bed web for rigidity.
•Oil bathed longitudinal lead screw.
•Forward/stop/reverse lever with safety device.
•Oil level indicator.
•Multi-position length stop.
•Machine bed with FC-30 casting iron.
•Machine weighs in at 3,500 / 3,950 / 4,400 lbs.

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