40"X, 20"Y,20"Z,ACER VMC 2040L,Anilam 6000 ctrl,60-8000rpm,10Hp,(other sizes avail)   Our stock number: 430003

VMC 2040 L
Table size: 42.1” x19.6”
T-slots (No, wid, x dis): 3,0.7” x 5.9”
Table load: 1,320 lbs
X Travel: 40”
Y Travel: 20”
Z Travel: 20”
Spindle nose to table: 4.2”~24.8”
Spindle center to column: 24.6”
Spindle taper: CAT #40 or BT #40
Spindle speed: 60~8,000rpm
Feedrates: Rapid on (X,Y,Z) 945/945/945 ipm
1181/1181/1181 ipm (opt.)
Cutting federate: 200ipm
Positioning: ± 0.0002”
Repeatability: ± 0.00012”
Tool capacity: 24pcs
Max tool diameter: 3.15”
Max tool weight (ea)15.4 lbs.
Spindle motor (AC digital): 10hp (15hp 30 min peak)
Drive Motor X,Y,Z (AC digital): 3.6hp
Coolant motor: 1/2hp
Power required (approx.): 28hp @100A
Air Required: 96 psi
Floor space: 115” x 100” x 100”
Min. operation space: 193” x 154” x 109”
New weight (approx.): 12,100 lbs
Gross weight (approx.): 12716 lbs
See more information about the complete line of Acer
equipment at www.nevinsmachineryconcepts.com

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