11"x18",DAKE JOHNSON JH10W1,Bl.width 1",1Hp,Fl to bed 23.75",Ht. 63",(other sizes avail)   Our stock number: 420008

11 x18 ,DAKE JOHNSON JH10W1,Bl.width 1 ,1Hp,Fl to bed 23.75 ,Ht. 63 ,(other sizes avail)

Dake Johnson
Model: JH10W1
Capacity: 10" rounds 18"flats
Blade width: 1"
Blade length: 137"
Bed (work area): 11" X18"
Motor: 1 Hp
Coolant: Yes
Floor space: 29" x 70"
Height (closed): 39"
Height (open): 43"
Floor to bed: 23.75"
Voltage: 110v 1ph, 220v 1ph or 3ph,440v 3ph
Weight: 935 lbs
See more information about the complete line of Dake equipment at www.nevinsmachineryconcepts.com

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