Kalamazoo MS1218VS,12"x18",BRAND NEW PROMO PRICE,SEMI-AUTO MITER,other models   Our stock number: 410016

Kalamazoo MS1218VS,12 x18 ,BRAND NEW PROMO PRICE,SEMI-AUTO MITER,other models

Make: Kalamzaoo
Model: MS1218VS

Drive Motor: 2 Hp, 230/460v 3 phase
Hydraulic Motor: 0.25 Hp
Coolant Pump: 0.125 Hp
Band Wheel Dia.: 15.4"
Blade: 1" x .035" x 11'-4 1/2"
Bed Height: 21 3/4"
Vise Opening: 18"
Blade Speeds: 80-360 (fpm) variable speed
90° Cutting Capacity
Round: 12"
Square: 10" x 10"
Rectangular: 10" x 16"
45° Cutting Capacity
Round: 8"
Square: 8" x 8"
Rectangular: 8" x 12"
Width: 75"
Depth (with stock stop): 34" (49 1/2")
Height (head-up): 64"
Height (head-down): 41"
Net Weight: 880 lbs

0°-45° Miter cutting, make angle cuts without swinging material to be cut

2 Hp main drive with magnetic starter and overload protection

Variable speed drive

230/460 60 cycle 3 phase electricals.

Coolant application through both guides

Solid carbide blade guides with rollers.

Quick position vise
Automatic shut-off at end of cut

Totally enclosed transmission

Blade cleaning brush

Cast iron bed

1" wide blade

Stock stop

Easily adjusted head feed with power lift

Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

See more Kalamazoo models at www.nevinsmachineryconcepts.com

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