9" x 16", JET HBS-916W, Part #414468,2 x 16/8.5 x 14,6 1/8Round 45deg,25"bed height,1x.035x119.5"Blade,   Our stock number: 370018

9 x 16 , JET HBS-916W, Part #414468,2 x 16/8.5 x 14,6 1/8Round 45deg,25 bed height,1x.035x119.5 Blade,

Specifications: JET Model Number HBS-916W

Part Number 414468
Motor 1-1/2HP,115/230V,1PH, Prewired 115V
Round at 90 Degrees (in.) 9
Round at 45 Degrees (in.) 6-1/8
Rectangle at 90 Degrees (in.) 2 x 16 / 8-1/2 x 14
Blade Size (in.) 1 x .035 x 119-1/2
Blade Speeds (SFPM) 82,132,170,235
Bed Height (in.) 25
Vise Swivels (deg.) 45°
Rectangle at 45 (in.) 9 x 6-1/8
Overall Dimensions 65"x28"x42"
Height 42 inch
Width 22 inch
Length 66 inch
Net Weight 625 pound

Large handwheel and built-in gauge for easy blade tensioning
Coolant is distributed through the blade guides
Blade guides feature parallel double row ball bearing support
Blade brush is built-in and self-propelled
Quick-positioning vise with fully adjustable jaws swivels to 45?
Removable chip tray for quick clean-up
Blade is fully guarded regardless of blade guide position
Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed with separate on/off valve
Automatic shut-off after cut
Carbide blade guides with rollers
Coolant system

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