5/16" x 188", DAKE, V-40, Bl width up to 3/4",welder cap 5/15-3/4",Th 41",2.2Hp,(oth mod avail   Our stock number: 420032

5/16 x 188 , DAKE, V-40, Bl width up to 3/4 ,welder cap 5/15-3/4 ,Th 41 ,2.2Hp,(oth mod avail

Dake -Johnson Vertical Band Saw
model: vH-40
voltage: 220v 3-ph
blade width: 5/16-3/4"
blade length:188"
blade speed(fpm): 50-425 (low range) & 425-4250(high range
welder capacity: 5/16-3/4"
worktable trav. dist.: 10"
band wheels number: 3
band wheels size: 16.5"
horsepower: 2.2Hp
A throat size (band to column): 41"
B maximum work height:13"
(C x D) worktable dimensions: 26-3/8"x26-3/8"
(ExF) worktable tilt left/right: 10°/30°
G worktable height:40-7/8"
H machine height: 78"
(J x K) machine floor space: 72"x60"
weight: 2345 lbs

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