HYD-MECH, No. DM-6, 6.25"Rnd,2-2.5HP,Carbide Guides,Bl Tension meter,(other mod. avail)   Our stock number: 500002

HYD-MECH, No. DM-6, 6.25 Rnd,2-2.5HP,Carbide Guides,Bl Tension meter,(other mod. avail)

MAKE: Hyd-Mech
Model: DM-6
Capacity 90°:
Rectangle:6.25" x 7.75" 159mm x 197mm
Square: 6.25" 159mm
Round: 6.25" 159mm
Capacity Rec 45°:
Left: 2.25" x 5.5"57mm x 140mm
Right:2.25" x 4.5" 57mm x 114mm
Capacity Square 45°:
Left: 4.5" 114mm
Right: 3.75" 95mm
Capacity Round 45°:
Left: 5"127mm
Right: 4.5" 114mm
Capacity Rec 60°:
Left: 2.25" x 3" 57mm x 76mm
Right:1" x 2.5" 25mm x 64mm
Capacity Square 60°:
Left: 2.25" 57mm
Right: 2.25" 57mm
Capacity Round 60°:
Left: 3" 76mm
Right: 2.25" 57mm
Blade Dimensions: 3/4" x 7’9"19 mm x 2363 mm
Blade Drive: 2-2.5 hp 1.5-1.8 kW
Blade Speed: 140-280 SFM 43-85 m/min
Blade Wheel Diameter: 10" 254 mm
Coolant Tank Capacity: 3.5 US Gal 13 litres
Table Height: 34" 864 mm
Machine Weight: 688 lbs 312 kg
Machine Dimensions: 57" wide 1448mm wide
38" long 965mm long
72" high 1829mm high
Standard Features:
*Carbide guides provide consistent accuracy with
less vibration and extended blade life
*Heavy-duty cast iron head and wheels
*Conveniently located control panel within safe
operator reach
*Cast iron, easy sliding vise allows for 60º miter
left and right
*Blade tension meter displays blade tension
setting which also serves as a blade breakage switch to shut
down the machine when tension drops below 30 bars
*Built in limit switches that disable the machine
when doors are open
*Calibrated work stop with imperial
or metric scale
*Infeed and outfeed roller table
*Single phase electrical
*Pneumatic vise & foot pedal with 5’ cord

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